Maximum Safety

Assestbund makes sure that all of your investments are kept safe. Your investments, including the money invested in the Money Market Funds, are held separately from Assestbund.

Investor Protection Scheme

The Securities Investor Protection Act (SIPA) is applicable, as Assestbund is a licensed investment firm authorised by the Uk Authority for the Financial Markets for the provision of investment services.

Investment Plans

Hedge Plan


Daily profit

  • Min : 200 USD
  • Max : 1799 USD
  • ROI : 1.4 %
  • Ref Bonus : 5 %
  • Capital back : 35 Days

Professional Plan


Daily profit

  • Open : 1,800 USD
  • Close : 6,999 USD
  • ROI : 2 %
  • Ref Bonus : 5 %
  • Capital back : 50 Days

Elite Plan


Daily profit

  • Open : 7,000 USD
  • Close : 24,999 USD
  • ROI : 3 %
  • Ref Bonus : 5 %
  • Capital back : 65 Days

Exclusive Plan


Daily profit

  • Open : 25,000 USD
  • Close : 100,000 USD
  • ROI : 5 %
  • Ref Bonus : 5 %
  • Capital back : 15 Days

Master Plus


Daily profit

  • Open : 150,000 USD
  • Close : Unlimited
  • ROI : 10 %
  • Mining license : Allocated
  • Upfront fees : None
  • Capital back : 15 Days

We offer the best return on investments

Assestbund offers top-notch services and low risk investment opportunities.


Get More Profit

Your mining outputs will be added to your account daily and automatically


24/7 Support

Our customer service are ready for you. Questions? Call or Chat with us.


Strong Protection

We support cryptocurrencies that promote privacy.


Easy withdrawal

Our Withdrawal process is fast, easy and user friendly.



Our systems are up and running, always ready to deliver the best output.

referral referral

5% Referral Bonus

Take advantage of our flexible referral commission by inviting your friends to Sign Up.

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Our Team

Our team members.


Anthony Daniels

Chief Executive Officer


Sheddy Mayor

Data Computation


Kane Mills

Head Of Tech


Becky Miles

Head of marketing

A Glance At Assestbund

Assestbund is the world's most secure investment platform.


has mastered a number of unique methods for accessing the development and Cryptocurrency trading prospects, in which along with qualified traders with accumulated and self-learning trading systems are used.


Modern investment markets offers investors a wide range of options for investing in real estate. Assestbund uses all available options for Real estate investment in billion dollars and coins as well as investment in financial instrument backed by precious real assets.



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Frequently Asked Questions

what is Assestbund?

Assestbund is a certified crypto investment platform, which is unique in the crypto platform. We’re one the most reliable companies, and we are very serious about the business we’re in. You can find out about our staff and management here.

How can I participate ?

You'll need to Sign Up with us and make deposit for a specific plan. We currently accept the following payment methods: Perfect Money, cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, USDT and Tron

What about the safety of my funds? How secure is your platform ?

All Assestbund connections are encrypted using HTTPS with state of the art RSA 2048-bit encryption. More importantly, Assestbund doesn’t have any access to your funds, and all your crypto assets always remain in your account. Please see our security page for more information.

Can I switch/upgrade plans?

You can upgrade anytime to get more output. At the same time if you already have an active plan and you want to switch/upgrade, please contact us via email or through our livechat.


It’s good to see that they are an honest cloud mining service which shows their farms openly to the public.

Mary Alan


Highly recommended. I had a great experience. The process is simple and easy to understand and investing was straight forward.

Mariah Yusef

Business Woman

My experience with Assestbund was life-changing. From the very beginning the technical team were entirely committed to my financial dream.

Ben Walker


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